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  • Welcome: Qingdao Tubus Honeycomb Co.,Ltd
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    About us

    Qingdao Tubus Honeycomb Co.,Ltd ( A Tiansheng Company) owns its production technology and Germen made production line.

    As the leader of Chinese plastic honeycomb industry in technology, capacity and quality, our material are widely used in high-end manufacturing industry and environmental friendly interior design industry. Employ honeycomb’s high compression to weight ratio, Tubus honeycomb is Used in transportation, marine, aerospace, human body protection equipment industries; Employ Tubus honeycomb’s stable cell diameter, smooth cell wall finishing, Tubus honeycomb are used in de-sulfuration, airflow media industries.

    With PC honeycomb’s high translucency and compression, low weight. Our Environmental-friendly “Crystal Panel” products are used by international renowned designers in high end hotel, office building interior construction.We welcome you!



    Contact: Kelly

    Phone: 13954283059

    Tel: 0532-87688217/87663168

    Email: info@qdtubus.com

    Add: No.1 Xitie industrial Park,Chengyang District,Qingdao,Shandong,China